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Animals Day

Kids of Pre-primary wing celebrated Animal Day. Children were dressed as different animals. Kids performed different activities about the animals. This spoke about the animal and enacted by making sound. They also recited rhymes related to animals. Overall, the celebration was a thrilling one.
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Colours Day

The kindergarten students celebrated colours day with fun and enthusiasm. Children and the teachers were dressed colorfully to celebrate this occasion. To make the celebration more inclusive children did their activity based on the colours. The motive was to make the children understand about the importance of colours.
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Rhythm and Rhyme

At every step the child should be allowed to meet the real experience of life; the thorns should never be plucked from his roses.” Rhymes are some of the first narratives that your children are introduced to, as part of their reading experience. A Rhythm and Rhymes program was conducted for the kids.
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Fruits and Vegetable Market Day

Fruit and Vegetable Market Day was celebrated. The Kids of Pre-Primary learnt about fruits & vegetables in a unique and healthy way. A vegetable market was set up by students and teachers. Teachers and students were invited to buy vegetables and the students talked about different fruits and vegetables. Some students came dressed as Farmers & community helpers to show their respect and gratitude for the people who make our living comfortable as farmers. Thus, this activity inculcated the feeling of gratitude towards our Farmers & Community helpers!!!
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Transportation Day

To recognize the various mode of transport and to understand the transportation system of our country, transportation day was celebrated for our little leaders of the kindergarten. As instructed by their teacher, the children brought along either a real object or a picture of a mode of transport and showed it eagerly to the class and they spoke a few sentences on it. They were more excited to see the different modes of transport.
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Water Melon and Mango Day

At every bite, the red flavor and yellow flavor exploded and found their way into all corners of the mouth. The kids of kindergarten celebrated Watermelon Day and Mango Day with fun.
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Fine motor and Gross motor skill

Fine motor skills involve making movements using your smaller muscles, such as your hands, fingers, and wrists. Gross motor skills require full-body movement, this involves large muscles. Various Activities were performed by the kids of kindergarten related to Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skill.
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Kindergarten graduation day ceremony

It marks a new beginning that adds new dimensions to their school life and the journey they begin towards knowledge and education. The tiny graduates move on to new discoveries and new accomplishments. They also took many discoveries and successes shared together and this is all worth celebrating.
The tiny kids time in preschool was precious and which we valued every second of it. We want to offer our students and parents the chance to celebrate the closing of their preschool years with new experiences to come. KRISHNA PUBLIC SCHOOL, DURG Celebrated Kindergarten Graduation Day ceremony on 10th February ,2023.

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Student Learning Carnival

Joyful Learning is the mode of learning in which learners are given opportunities to experiences emotions of surprise in delightful way, nurture their curiosity, while interacting with meaningful content through a supportive community of classmates/peer and teachers.
It is a most unifying events and creative extravaganza, which is celebrated in the Carnival. Student learning carnival is organizes in school once a year. This is a package of full entertainment with encouraging activities.