Durg, Chhattisgarh

CBSE Affi No. 3330263

School Affi No: 3330263

President’s Message

Dear Parents,

Krishna Public School is a vibrant and welcoming learning community, committed to creating the best possible educational experience for every child. We aim to enable all children to reach their full potential.A child is a unique gift of God to humanity with bundle of talents, hidden inside. I always ask myself “What should be the first priority in a student’s life? The answer which I find is nothing but the ‘time’ stands high above all. A student’s success depends on how meticulously he or she plans the little time at his or her disposal to complete the plan of studies.

Here, at K.P.S, we aim to provide a broad, well balanced and relevant curriculum. We encourage positive social behavior, emphasizing respect for others. We believe that every child has a right to work in a calm, orderly, safe and secure environment.

As a chairman I am glad that KPS Durg is a school where we have dedicated, caring team of staff and each of whom works very hard to ensure that the abilities of the children in our care are nurtured and carefully developed.We also value regular contact with parent/ guardians and regard the home school partnership as an essential part of the educational process. We are always looking for new way to involve parents in the life of the school and keep them informed of the things we are doing.

Money can never buy what I have wished for my students. So, let education be an all round development with social, ethical and moral values inculcated in teaching. Let the student be a part of whatever noble we do and our good teaching would still be around, long after we have gone, making our country a ‘dream country’ for all. All the best for the future.

Mr. MM Tripathi, President
Krishna Educational Society

Mr. Anand Tripathi, Vice President
Krishna Educational Society

Vice President's Message

KPS is poised to be an institution that will redefine holistic excellence and ensure that goal of true education is fulfilled. We would aim to quality education with best technology. Our teaching method, curriculum are designed to cater the needs of the student in best possible way. We believe in comprehensive education keeping in view India’s rich cultural heritage. Besides academic excellence and intellectual development the school endeavors’ to keep each child discover one’s innate talent and capabilities. I whole heartedly wish all the best.

Secretary's Message

KPS seeks to draw out maximum benefits from education without missing out the fun and sweetness of childhood. Learning is interactive and tactile. We believe in producing creative things. Each precious individual will create his/her own niche, will discover talents, nurture skills and most importantly will be groomed to lifelong learner.

KPS aims to igniting, empowering and educating students and bring about an overall improvement in the quality of life. The vision and mission of KPS is to kindle young minds and enable each child to develop the sense of individuality, learn the art of decision making.

All the Best for Future.

Mr. Pramod Tripathi, Secretary
Krishna Educational Society