Principal's Message

“Education is kindling of a flame, not filling a vessel”.

We at KPS Pulgaon believe that the aim of any good school should be to provide the best possible education to the student. We stand on the path of new beginning in the endeavor to create independent thinking, creative and sensitive individuals who will serve as torch bearers to further ignite many more minds to create a world, painted with love, beauty and happiness. Our strength lies in Pride of One’s heritage and nurturing our heritage with care and responsibility.

Our values are at the heart of our teaching practices and define the standards of ethical conduct we foster in our children. We also equip children with life skills and values that will hold them in good stead. We believe that “ All great ideas begin with commitment to the future”. The institution prides itself is imparting quality education while preparing them for competitive world outside the classroom.

I would like my students to be worthy citizens in their own right. Wishing them all the best.

Mrs. Iti Sharma, Principal
Krishna Public School, Durg