Durg, Chhattisgarh

CBSE Affi No. 3330263

School Affi No: 3330263


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  1. The students are supposed to reach the school 5 minutes before the school starts. School gate will be closed sharp at the time when the 1st bell rings & entry of the student will be restricted after that.
  2. It has been observed with dismay that students turn up late to school which is undesirable. Henceforth late comers will be sent back home if they report after the school gate is closed. This practice will be followed even on the Test Days.
  3. Half day/ Short leave will not be given on any ground due to safety reasons.
  4. Entry of names of the students in Attendance Register in the next coming months will not be done if fees are not paid for previous months.
  5. The student should converse in English only in the school premises.