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  • Exam Policies

    Exam Policies

    1. Classes Nur-V

    School follows continuous & comprehensive evaluation as per CBSE guidelines. Promotion will be totally based on the whole year’s performance and weekly tests. It will be essential for a child to get minimum ‘D’ in the 5 point grading scale of achievement A*, A, B, C, D.

    2. Classes VI-VII

    1. Each academic year has been divided into 2 terms. The first term will be from April-Sept and second term from October-March.

    2. School follows CCE in classes VI- VIII as per CBSE guidelines. The CCE is intending to provide holistic profile of the learner through scholastic and Co Scholastic areas.

    3. Evaluation of Scholastic areas will be done through formative assessments and one summative assessment in each term. The formative assessment will include weekly test, quizzes, conversations, interviews, project, practical assignments, homework’s etc. the summative assessment will be the end of term examination in the form of pen-paper test.